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Recruiting 1 Mistweaver, 1 druid/dk Tank and an Spriest/Warlock for MGV HC and HoF 10man
Exceptional players are always welcome to apply.

Hello gentlemen, let me introduce you to Patience. We are one of the longest existing raiding guilds, having cleared content from the start of Vanilla on. We are a semi-hardcore guild for which quick progression is of the highest priority. Since we rotate with a roster of 13-14 people we encourage you to level up alts for the best possible raid experience. We try to keep the rotation fair without favoring anyone, however we will not sacrifice raid strength for a fair rotation, which is why we need everyone to perform to his or her best. Furthermore we encourage our members to level alts for the best possible raid experience. While we do not have a minimum age for you to join, being mature is a vital requirement.

If you are a dedicated, exceptional player that enjoys the thrill of progression send us an application and reap the benefits of being a part of Patience. We have high expectations - and a lot to offer.

What we have to offer:

A great progression raiding team
A friendly guild environment
Experienced and active leadership
An actively maintained website

What we expect from you:

Extensive prior HC raid experience
High attendance (3 raids a week is a must)
Be fluent in English both in speech and writing
Top performance
Handle criticism well
Be prepared for raids (fully enchanted and gemmed gear, knowledge about boss-fights)
Enjoy progression raids

Please use the form provided in the forum for your application. Be thorough in answering the questions. Hastily written applications that show lack of dedication will not be accepted.
If we decide to accept you, you will be put on a trial for a few weeks before gaining full membership.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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8/8 HC

viktorrosengren, Apr 26, 12 9:34 AM.
And BOOM there we go.. Saviors of Azeroth!

Progression Update

Gotuagain, Apr 2, 12 10:30 AM.
At 6/8 HC... soon to be 7/8, keep up the good work!

First Raid Dragon Soul

Gotuagain, Dec 1, 11 5:01 PM.
6 bosses down on the first raid night, fantastic!

Dragon Soul

Gotuagain, Dec 1, 11 1:26 PM.
Finally the new raid is out! First attempts on the bosses tonight are going to be fun!

Heroic Update

Gotuagain, Oct 31, 11 10:09 PM.
Patience has 6/7 heroic Firelands on farm, starting progress on Ragnaros after the next reset.
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